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Web Site Development Case Study

RVS Line

Website Design & Development Case Study

RVS Line is a large transport logistic company which covers all North America. And it has more than 200 trucks in their parking lot. We have developed the structure of the page, a web design, which was very attractive to the target audience.


Website Design & Development Case Study

Wheatgrass – the company which produces healthy frozen juices such as, wheat grass juice, barley juice, ginger juice and many others. Our tasks included all graphic elements which will represent the company: logo, business card, packing for each type of juice, delivery package, decoration of delivery cars, flyers etc.

NorthWest Shutters

Website Design & Development Case Study

NorthWest Shutters is a 20years old company which produces and install shutters. In addition to shutters they do offer shades, sunscreens, blinds and crown moldings.


Website Design & Development Case Study

Revoplay is the name of the app that came up with two friends, sports enthusiasts. It enables users to find information about where and at what time a particular game of interest to the user will take place.


Website Design & MLM system Development Case Study

Ipes180 is an MLM-company which sells their partner’s goods. Their main marketing instrument is a global network of distribution. They have contacted us only with the idea, all the development and design were executed by our company.


Website Design & Development Case Study

Naturefloors – the main activity of the company, the restoration of wooden floors, as well as offering installation services for new ones.

Logo Design Recent Work

Logo Development Case Study



Brand Design & Development Case Study

WeAreSnag transcends the conventional definition of a tile installation company, bearing a reputation intertwined with expertise, dependability, and precision.


6 Degrees manufacturing solutions, Inc

Brand Design & Development Case Study

The company has quite wide experience in such domains as prototyping and over exact measurement. Its clients are OEM NASA Boeing, PCC, Lockhead Martin.

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